About Maxine Miller

Maxine Miller was born in Leigh Creek, South Australia, a country girl.

She has had a number of interesting jobs in her life and, at 65, found her calling in writing and producing children’s novels, adult fiction and musical comedies for the stage.

Also known by the surname ‘Patterson’, Maxine writes under her maiden name ‘Maxine Miller’.

Maxine became passionate about writing after a friend, Angela Harris, asked for her help to write a children’s novel some fifteen years ago. Maxine and Angela shared hundreds of hilarious hours, tossing many ideas around, and complementing their creative work with a glass or two of red! Maxine became fascinated by Angela’s amazing talent for creating stories which held her interest. She couldn’t wait for the next week to find out more about the characters coming to life!

Maxine and Angela have invested many hours and months in shaping this first title, Dracus Cats as an animated story, with interest already expressed by various production companies in the UK. In the first instance, however, Dracus Cats will be published as a book for 6- to 10-year olds, illustrated by Jackie Moss, in early- to mid-2017.

Maxine functions as writer, producer, actor, stage-manager and assistant director for her musical comedies. She has staged annual productions in the Adelaide Fringe Festivals between 2013 and 2016, as well as smaller musical comedies in theatre restaurants. Click here for more information.

Previously thinking she would retire at age 65 and move to the quiet country town of Wallaroo on the Yorke Peninsula, Maxine’s stage success has inspired her to return to writing and publishing children’s stories. Two titles have been published so far, with five more books planned for release in 2017-8.

It has all been a very big learning curve for Maxine, involving many hours of research, drafting and re-drafting. Finding the right illustrators, graphic designers and production/printing support has been crucial, and Maxine has built a team of people with the same vision as her, to bring her books to life.

Maxine has four children and three wonderful grandchildren. The eldest grandchild, Angas, will be the Captain of the “Inspector Bailey” Fan Club and fans can keep up-to-date with the life of Inspector Bailey and his Police Dogs.

In her spare time (?), Maxine dabbles with craft and you will soon find some marvellous pieces on this site to admire!

What now for Maxine?  Writing, writing, writing… and travelling around Australia selling her books and reading her stories to children.

Maxine says: “Imagination is a powerful thing! Let your dreams lead you everywhere, never underestimate yourself … and never give up!”