About the Team

Hi Team Maxine

The Maxine Miller Productions  team includes a variety of creative individuals, all talented and experienced in their various areas of specialty.


Maxine Miller

Maxine Miller is the Director of Maxine Miller Productions.  Click here for more information about Maxine.


Jackie Moss

Jackie Moss is illustrator of The Fruity Salad Family and several of Maxine’s forthcoming books, including Stormy and Noah and Dracus Cats.

Jackie’s other work can be seen on her website.


Zinia Elise King

Zinia is responsible for the delightful illustrations in the Inspector Bailey book series.

Zinia’s other work can be seen on her website.


Angela Harris

Along with Maxine, Angela is co-author of the book and forthcoming animated story, Dracus Cats,

Angela is a masterful weaver of stories filled with imaginative characters. She has boundless energy – having already begun working on writing the sequel to Dracus Cats with Maxine, even before the first story has hit the shelves!


Adrian and Barb Hannan

Adrian and Barb Hannan of The SongStore, are internationally-renowned songwriters and music producers, and have created the original score for the audio book contained on the CD included in the Inspector Bailey books, as well as the catchy kids’ song Inspector Bailey (also included on the CDs).


Nigel Davis

The ever-versatile and whacky Nigel Davis is responsible for the voice of each and every character in the audio book for Inspector Bailey and the Car Thieves, as well as being lead singer on the song, Inspector Bailey.


Madeleine and Mitchell Davis

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, with Nigel’s kids, Madeleine and Mitchell Davis, displaying equal talent, singing all the kids’ voice parts in the Inspector Bailey song.


Monique Lisbon

Monique Lisbon of Mono Unlimited: Computer & Printing Support oversees the production, graphic design and publishing of Maxine’s books and multimedia CDs, and provides website design/development and IT support.

She also manages the Maxine Miller secure online shopping cart.


Brian Dole

Brian Dole of Publishing Productions has over 30 years of experience in print, promotions and publishing industries, having managed both Australian and Asian sheet-fed and web offset companies.

Brian coordinates all of the printing of Maxine Miller books.


Angas Patterson

Angas is very proud to be Captain of the Inspector Bailey Fan Club!

He is very talented, and writes and illustrates his own story books.

He also happens to be Maxine’s eldest grandson!


Team Bailey

Team Bailey consists of the hard-working and fun-loving dogs who inspired the Inspector Bailey series of children’s books by Maxine Miller.


Bailey (in memoriam)

Bailey was a Shitzhu and belonged to Maxine. He was of short stature and appeared gruff and tough but, underneath, he was kind, mischievous, loving and loyal.


Cougar and Duke

Brothers Cougar and Duke are Schnauzer/Labrador crossbreeds and belong to Maxine’s daughter Christie Patterson. Duke is always playful and slobbers over everyone, looking for a lot of lovin’. He hides behind Cougar when there is trouble. Cougar is quieter and always worries about his brother. He is taller than Duke, and a good watchdog.



Lucy is a Cocker Spaniel and belongs to Maxine’s son Nicholas Patterson, his wife Joanne and their children, Angas, Drew and Tully. She is quite the lady, with soft curly hair, big brown eyes and long floppy ears. She loves to please, and enjoys playing with the children.


Disco Dog

Disco Dog is a very slim, fast and handsome Border Collie and belongs to Maxine’s son Stuart Patterson. He is younger than the other dogs and runs circles around them. He loves to leap and dance around, chasing balls and always showing off.