NOW AVAILABLE: Inspector Bailey & the Car Thieves

Written by Maxine Miller, illustrated by Zinia Elise King

Includes audio/data CD containing audio book with original musical score by Adrian Hannan, and song by Adrian and Barb Hannan of The SongStore.

(Published by Maxine Miller Productions in 2016)


It is early Sunday morning.

What could possibly disturb the peace in the sleepy country town of Plod?

Why is there a strange red sports car parked under a street lamp?

Who put it there and why does it have scratches all over it?

Join Inspector Bailey and his faithful team of police dogs – Lucy, Duke, Cougar and Disco Dog – as they dig up clues, sniff out crime, rock the town… and show that crime doesn’t pay!


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Inspector Bailey and the Car Thieves is the first in a new series of books about Chief Inspector Bailey of Plod Police Station and his faithful team of police dogs.

This delightful 36-page, full colour children’s book also includes a multimedia CD, containing an audio book recording and an original song based around the characters in the book, as well animated slideshow videos for you to play and sing along to on any computer.

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Check out the Workbooks and Templates page to download the music and lyrics for the first Inspector Bailey song!


About the Multi-Media CD

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